Why it is important to know that User Experience is more than your UI

December 21, 2015 Industry Advice 0 Comments

Too often User Experience and User Interface are grouped together. Often times, you only see UX when it is attached to UI.

I feel this devalues what user experience really is and it is a detriment to people looking to create new companies and new products.

User experience, at its core, is affected by every aspect of a business.

The UI is just a small little piece of the story that a person is experiencing.  Before that person ever reached the UI of the product they probably encountered a number of other aspects of the product. Beyond that, the person most likely encountered many other aspects of the business at large before finding their way to the product.

All of these different aspects that make up the entirety of the business alters the expectations a person has for the experience they are seeking from a given product.

Every aspect of your company affects the user experience

  • company mission/goal
  • company culture
  • branding
  • marketing message
  • marketing/advertising assets
  • traction channels
  • target users
  • market fit
  • landing page
  • product
  • product feature set/feature relationship
  • business model
  • monetization strategy
  • aesthetic choices
  • UIs
  • first run experience
  • etc etc etc

In order to utilize every aspect of your business to deliver a great experience it’s important to follow a process that defines clear goals and establishes a hierarchy of priorities.

You want all of the aspects of your business to create a support network that works together in order to reach those defined goals.

The Renegade process to establish that network follows bellow:

  1. What is your company goal?
  2. What is your product, what is your product goal, and how does it support your company goal?
  3. What is your product’s super star feature and how does it support your product goal?
  4. What are your product’s secondary features and how does each one work together to support you super star?
  5. What is your (insert any other aspect of your business or product) and how does it support the product and company goals?

The goal of this line of questioning is to become mindful of how everything you do must work together to support your company goal.

Having a clear focus on your goals allows for a simple execution of your idea and in turn will provide a great user experience.

A great user experience delivers obvious benefits to your target users. The more focused you are the more obvious those benefits are.

BENEFITS HAVE VALUE and this is why your user experience is your main selling advantage over your competitors.

On the flip side of identifying what to include and how to include it you want to utilize this process know what to leave out.

You must avoid anything that does not support your company goal.

Anything that does not support your company goal takes away from a positive user experience.

poor user experience makes your benefits hard to see.

The harder it is to see the benefits the less value your product and company have.

This approach to allows us to design focused experiences which then allows us to properly develop products that are built around those experiences.