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The Renegade Firm has been acting as Advisor and Consultant to Blinks since its inception.  The Renegade Firm has assisted in UX Research, UX Design, Investment Pitch Deck Design, Investment Strategies, Investment Introductions, Business Development Strategies, Business Development Introductions, and more.

Blinks – a unique sticker service made possible by a community of artists.

Blinks stickers is cultivated by a diverse group of artists from around the world. Each sticker pack is uniquely designed for the user and tailored to each artist’s specific vision and style. Blinks innovation and creativity is going to create a buzz that will go global.

Unlike other sticker packs, Blinks exclusive community of global artists is constantly creating new content to contribute to its ever-growing collection of bright, animated stickers. Blinks subscribers’ get unlimited access to thousands of stickers that can be applied to pictures and message bubbles to create something one-of- a-kind.


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    Business Development, Consulting, Investment Deck, Investment Introductions, Traction Strategy, User Experience Design
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